Play Heroes Of The Storm To Get A World Of Warcraft Mount…

For some World of Warcraft players, mounts are addictive. Yes, mounts. The things characters ride to get from one quest location to another. In the early days there weren’t many, mainly horses and a few different colors. And then things took off and now you get achievements for the more mounts you have. You can buy some, get some through quests, some drop off of bosses or rare mobs, some are holiday rewards and some are from faction rep. People become obsessed with getting mounts, spending hours upon hours grinding a certain area to gain enough reputation points with a certain faction so they can buy a specific mount they don’t have.

So when there is a new mount you can get, a good number of people perk up to listen. And… there is a new mount to get. Starting today and running until March 14th, you can get a Primal Flamesaber mount… but not by playing WoW, but by playing Heroes of the Storm. If you play 15 Heroes of the Storm games while using a WoW character with a friend, you earn the mount. The video below shows it and you can get more details here.

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