Roadhog’s Hook Is Getting A Small Nerf And Winston Will Be Harder To Kill In New Overwatch PTR Patch

Posted by February 10, 2017 Comment


The tweaks and changes in Overwatch have been coming in thick and fast recently. It seems patches are hitting with a lot of regularity, and that is exciting, with the game’s ‘meta’ changing frequently.

And hey, alongside the new Bastion tweaks, two more characters are about to see some tuning. Roadhog’s dreaded hook is being nerfed a littler bit (very shortly after the Hook 2.0 was implemented), and Winston’s headshot hitbox is being decreased.

Speaking on the official forums, principle designer Geoff Goodman announced the specific changes which will be coming to the PTR soon:

Roadhog’s hook had become a real nuisance, and as a guy who doesn’t play him, I have to say, I’m quietly happy about this. Also, as a lover of Winston too, I have to say I’m getting out of this one very happy.

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