Blair Redford Joins Cast Of Fox’s Mystery X-Men Show As Native American Leader Of Underground Mutant Network


Bryan Singer is directing the pilot for the upcoming, as-yet-untitled X-Men TV show from Fox written by Burn Notice creator Matt Nix. Details have been scarce so far, with the project vaguely defined as being about two normal parents who learn that their kids are mutants and are forced to go on the run, where they meet up with an underground network mutants and must fight for survival. We know that the show will feature some familiar characters and some new ones.  Beyond that, we didn’t know much else… until now.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Blair Redford has joined the cast of the show, and he will play a character named Sam, described as “the strong-headed Native American leader of the underground network.” We’re not sure that really rings any bells. Some of the most prominent X-Men and X-Men-adjacent characters that are both male and Native American include Thunderbird, one of the original members of the first new team of X-Men from Giant Size X-Men #1 who dies on the team’s first mission, Warpath, Thunderbird’s brother who has most often been associated with the team X-Force, and Forge, a mutant with the power to invent anything and a longtime member of the X-Men.

There’s also Shaman, a character from Canadian X-adjacent team Alpha Flight, but he’s not a mutant in Marvel’s main continuity, and it’s not clear that Fox has the rights to Alpha Flight anyway, though they did first appear in X-Men comics. And then, of course, there’s the possibility of race-bending a character named Sam. Sam Guthrie, Cannonball, would make a good underground mutant resistance leader… if he weren’t likely to appear in the New Mutants movie, most likely taking him off the table.

It’s possible the name Sam is a red herring, and it’s also possible that one of the above characters could be repurposed for this role. It’s also possible, of course, that “Sam” is a brand new character. Okay, so we still know basically nothing. We’re pretty much stumped, so post your theories on this in the comments while we await more information.

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