Time For The Inhumans To Ask... "Are We The Baddies?" (IVX Spoilers)

Time For The Inhumans To Ask… “Are We The Baddies?” (IVX Spoilers)

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In last week’s All-New X-Men, we had Cyclops wondering if the X-Men were the bad guys in the IVX battle, for wanting to save their lives, and painting the absence of terrigen clouds to the Inhumans as a potential genocide that it really, really wasn’t.

It made little sense.

Today’s IVX #4 by Jeff Lemire, Charles Soule and Javier Garron tries to reign that in a little. With the new team of young Inhumans outside of the Royal Family, and outside of Limbo, being gathered to save the rest of the Inhumans.

And with Mosaic able to give them the full picture regarding what is going on…


Ms Marvel asks the question.

Sorry, I said Ms Marvel.


Probably not the side fighting to preserve a luxury for the Inhumans that means the death of all the mutants.

“Are we the baddies? We’re called Inhumans. We chose to call ourselves inhuman. That’s on us…”


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