The Martian Chronicles Come To Supergirl

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This article contains spoilers for the Supergirl episode – The Martian Chronicles.







The latest episode of Supergirl is called The Martian Chronicles, but it could just as easily been called How Do You Solve A Problem Like M’gann. The character of M’gann M’orzz was brought in as a foil / love interest for J’onn J’onzz, but what seemed like longer story line setups all got wrapped up quickly. Last night, her White Martian husband Armek arrived to take her back… or kill her. He doesn’t seem to mind either. The name Armek is not new to the DC Universe, he was one of the Hyperclan, a group of White Martians that posed as superheroes to bring down the Justice League. He doesn’t look like the armored comic counterpart, but Armek is pretty big and mean looking.

There is a subplot going on with Kara trying to figure out how she really feels about Mon-El after rejecting him last week. She tries to cling to a tradition with Alex of celebrating the day Kara landed on Earth… but Alex has plans to see the Bare Naked Ladies in concert that night with Maggie. Kara is angry about that and feels a bit abandoned, so there is some tension going on between them in the episode.

But the main focus of the episode is the White Martians. After J’onn and Supergirl chased off the first one that went after M’gann, they end up back at the DEO where they are trapped inside with two White Martians. One of them shifts into the form of Winn Schott, taking both his appearance and his knowledge, and putting the DEO’s reactor on meltdown. Why a secret government agency in the middle of National City would have a reactor seems odd… but let’s go with it.

Kara and Alex work together to check out one part of the building, giving them a chance to talk. J’onn and M’gann search another part and discover the real Winn and that there is a second White Martian who has take the form of Alex. So Supergirl takes on one White Martian, J’onn and M’gann take on the other while Winn tries to shut down the reactor. M’gann kills the one, who is likely Armek, while the real Alex arrives and uses her new alien gun to kill the other.

The episode wraps up with Alex and Kara talking things out, Kara deciding to talk with Mon-El only to discover that he’s taking Miss Tessmacher out on a lunch date. During the episode, J’onn admits to having feelings for M’gann. At the end, she admits to those feelings as well… but she’s still going to go back to Mars and try to make a difference there. Basically writing the character out of the show for a while. The whole M’gann story line seemed disjointed to me. Like the writers were planning to go one direction but ended up bailing on it. I know that executive producers were talking about a romance between the two, but this was just the hint of one and now she’s gone. I know some comic fans were having a problem with a romance between the two characters as Miss Martian was portrayed as a teenager in the comics.  Was this what they planned or more of a change on the fly?

Now that they’ve dealt with the Martians, next up they need to deal with the Luthors…

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