Verizon Responds To T-Mobile’s Sexually Suggestive Super Bowl Ads, Gets Beaten Worse Than Falcons By Patriots


One of the most entertaining things to come out of last night’s historic Super Bowl, after the incredibly comeback in the first overtime game in Super Bowl history, of course, was the ad campaign from T-Mobile targeting its competitor, Verizon, for overage fees and painful customer service. In the pair of commercials, Kristen Schaal plays a woman who derives sexual pleasure from Verizon’s painful customer service:

Verizon was apparently feeling a little butthurt about the ads, and responded on Twitter:

Somehow, they managed to make the whole thing even more sexual with that response. T-Mobile, smelling blood in the water, moved in for the kill with a second ad:

Prompting another response from Verizon on Twitter:

T-Mobile CEO John Legere taunted his competitor in a series of tweets:

While Schaal and T-Mobile’s official account continued the epic trolling:

And then, the coup de grâce:

Oof! Sorry, Verizon, but you lost this round. Better luck next year.

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