The Inhumans/X-Men Cyclops Situation Makes Even Less Sense Than Usual Today

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It seems that Marvel Comics has a Cyclops problem after Secret Wars. As in, he was meant to be the devil. Most wanted mutant. With crowds screaming for his death. Something he did in the Eight Month Gap earned him that reputation.


It just seems that no one at Marvel worked out what. Or if they had, they left, as editor Mike Marts left to set up Aftershock and Rick Remender launched his many series from Image Comics. And just as their plot for the X-Men to leave the Earth went away, so it seems, did whatever it was Cyclops was meant to have done.


Instead he – or rather a mental simulacrum of him, by Emma Frost – stopped one of the two Terrigen mist clouds, that were killing mutants. And in the process, the young mutant Alchemy died.


Considering the actions of many other mutants, like Magneto or Rogue, was this enough to create such waves of hatred? And a mass murderer? How is that justified?

Well, today’s All-New X-Men #18 by Dennis Hopeless and Mark Bagley tries to square that circle.


With Scott’s actions depicted as terrorism, and the Terrigen cloud as holy.


Adult Cyclops being compared to Hitler (is it okay to punch him then?)


And an attempt to describe Cyclops’ actions as genocide. Except, hang on. The Terrigen Mist’ absence doesn’t kill anyone, It just prevents Inhumans from realising their genetic potential. Which can kill them, which can turn them into monsters, which can give them incredible burdens and see them ostracised from society. Because there’s lots of prejudice against Inhumans in the Marvel Universe as well.

Whereas the Terrigen Mist does actually kill mutants. And will kill them all, very soon. Getting rid of one of the clouds delayed genocide rather than encouraged it.


Cyclops, you really aren’t.

Basically, this attempt to try and tie up what was teased after Secret Wars and what actually happened in Inhumans Vs X-Men┬áreally doesn’t work.

I wonder what Mike Marts and Rick Remender would have done?

All-New X-Men #18 by Dennis Hopeless and Mark Bagley is published by Marvel C0mics today.

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