Mark Hamill On His Trump As Joker Impersonation: Forever Part Of The Rebellion

Mark Hamill On His Trump As Joker Impersonation: Forever Part Of The Rebellion

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Mark Hamill has always had a good sense of humor when it comes to voicing the Joker but he’s taken it to another level in recent weeks. Hamill has read several of President Donald Trump’s tweets in his Joker voice and everything quickly went viral. The Huffington Post had a phone conversation with Hamill and asked him about the tweets. It started as a joke suggestion from Patton Oswalt’s brother Matt, right near New Years.

Hamill liked the idea and posted his first reading of the tweet about a week later.

At the moment Hamill has only done two more, but that doesn’t make them any less amazing to listen to.

“I don’t want to make it an ongoing thing,” Hamill said to the Huffington Post.

The second reading happened when Trump insulted Meryl Streep which he decided he couldn’t let go.

“The second one was when he insulted Meryl Streep,” Hamill said while fighting back laughter. “Nobody could ignore … I mean, c’mon, it’s like a Mel Brooks comedy. He’s so funny!”

That was going to be the end of it until Trump went after Congressman John Lewis on Martin Luther King Day. Lewis was famously involved with Martin Luther King and has been fighting for Civil Rights his entire life.

“I mean, my jaw hit the ground,” explained Hamill. “That one I felt I almost had a moral obligation to do.”

The entire thing has been hilarious in a rather depressing way. Tara Strong has come on board to read statements by Kellyanne Conway as Harley Quinn and Peter Serafinowicz has taken to reading Trump’s tweets in various different voices. Hamill, however, has his own way of looking at it after voicing a villain for so longs for itself.

“Having done villains for so long, you do recognize rich dialogue,” said Hamill, adding, “in a bipartisan way, these are his words … not mine. The fact that they sound perfect coming out of such a demented character, that speaks for itself.”

The purpose of this entire exercise is to minimize the effect that Trump has on the public. Much in the way that John Oliver attempted to bring Trump down a peg with his ‘Make Donald Drumpf Again’ campaign this is here to take some of the majesty away from the man.

“I totally agree with people who say, ‘Ah you’re a celebrity, shut up, we don’t want to hear your opinion,’” said Hamill, “But I’m also a citizen. They’re entitled to their opinion, as well. I’m not interested in telling other people how to vote. I mean, honestly, I think this man has showed us who he is, and if you find that acceptable in a president, more power to you, that’s what America is all about …”

As for why Hamill decided to go after Trump?

“I’m a member of the resistance, and I always will be.”

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