Has Cyborg Forgotten His Chats With Batman In The New 52? Did Dr Manhattan Take That Away?

As we saw earlier, today's Justice League sees the team trapped twelve miles under a destroyed Canada and they don't have a Hulk to hold the mountain up. And Superman's feeling a bit poorly.

This does give the chance to have a chat about how no one trusts this new Superman. Who is not the New 52 Superman, and has a different history to everyone else.

But has the Justice League New 52 history also been rewritten by Rebirth?


Superman recalls how his Batman told him about having a Kryptonite ring and files on all the Justice Leaguers on how to defeat them. And this all comes as a big surprise when this Batman confesses.


Why so surprised Cyborg? After all, you've already had this conversation with Batman in the Prebirth Justice League…


And Wonder Woman had a good idea of what was going on as well.


Certainly, New 52 Superman would have told her in their more… intimate moments… after all he saw the lot.


We've seen how Wonder Woman's past has been retconned away. Could there have been a little spillover?

Can we blame Mr Oz and Dr Manhattan for this as well?

Justice League #14 by Bryan Hitch is published today.

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