Now DC Shows You Double Splash Page Futures Of The DC Universe – Hal Jordan, Action Comics, Justice League And Suicide Squad (Spoilers)

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In the final issue of Civil War II, Marvel Comics showed us a series of possible futures for a wide array of their superhero comic books in a bunch of double page splashes.

Well, today’s Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps also wants to have a go. With a story set sixty years in the future, looking back on the recent past… and the recent future!

With villains to come…

Battles to be fought…


And a new X logo on their rings. Presumably not a Marvel Comics crossover. Welcome to the Volthoom Corps?


But it’s not alone. Action Comics also takes a look to the future.


A Boom Boxed Luthor defeated by Superman? The return of familiar foes? A threat to Jonathan? And Mr Oz…

And finally Justice League Vs Suicide Squad #6 looked at the future of a number of the original Suicide Squad team.


A new Johnny Sorrow, a mission for the new JLA, a rogue Doctor Polaris, more Eclipso crystal and Rustam on the hunt, And, indeed, in Suicide Squad also out today that last comes true. With a revelation…


Amanda Waller… Grandmother?

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