J.M. DeMatteis On His “Don’t Punch A Nazi” Captain America Comic From 1982

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The issue of Captain America #275 from 1982, where he defends a neo-Nazi spokesman from being attacked by protestors while making a speech has got… a little play of late. Especially when Nick Spencer spoke out against the likes of Richard Spencer getting assaulted in the street in mid-interview. Captain America co-creator Jack Kirby and his physical antipathy towards Nazis, before it was popular, was also cited.

But what of JM DeMatteis, the writer of that Captain America issue, and still hard-working in comic books today? Would he stand by what he had Captain America say twenty-five years ago?

Turns out… he would. Though with some caveats. He told me,

Keep in mind that, thirty-something years later, I think I’d approach that story with more subtlety and nuance. But the essential idea about not physically attacking someone who espouses viewpoints we find despicable? I feel exactly the same way now as I did then. I think this past weekend’s marches illustrate the right way to respond: with passion, with political action, but not with violence.

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