What Will Happen To Task Force X After Justice League Vs Suicide Squad? Just Ask Grant Morrison (SPOILERS)

stl030896Spinning out of Justice League Vs Suicide Squad, will come a new Justice League Of America with retconned-original Suicide Squad member Lobo. This we know.

But what about the Suicide Squad? And the Taskforce X programme that takes bad guys and puts them to good use?

Well, I am told that in a move taken right out of Grant Morrison‘s reworking of Weapon X in New X-Men in a numerical fashion with Captain America having been Weapon I, it appears that the Lobo Suicide Squad team from the past was just one of many versions of the units working under Amanda Waller.

And at the conclusion of Justice League Vs Suicide Squad, one of those original Suicide Squad members will find themselves recruited into… ┬áTask Force XI.

Could we have a Suicide Squad Vs Suicide Squad Plus to come?

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