Marvel’s Monsters To Be Unleashed On Permanent Ongoing Basis With Cullen Bunn And David Baldeon In April

Marvel’s new super-mega-crossover event, Monsters Unleashed, which began just as the previous super-mega-crossover event, Civil War 2, ended, has only published one issue so far, but Marvel has already announced a new ongoing series launching after the event concludes in April. Superstar writer Cullen Bunn will write with David Baldeon on art, and an Arthur Adams cover, at least for the first issue.

The series will star Kid Kaiju, who we knew was a character to watch in the Marvel Universe this year, Elsa Bloodstone, and, of course, the titular monsters. Speaking in an interview on, Bunn explained the series thusly:

Giant monsters have been reintroduced to the Marvel Universe, and after the events of the Monsters Unleashed limited series, the movers and shakers of Marvel’s hero community simply must take these behemoths seriously as a threat. With that in mind, Kei Kawade and a small group of new kaiju have been tasked with combating giant threats that surface all over the world.

From their hidden island base, Kei and a group of powerful monsters are on call, ready to face these gargantuan Leviathans wherever they may rise.

This is a series firmly rooted in the Marvel Universe. Kei, Elsa, and company will be interacting with a number of Marvel heroes, and they’ll be encountering some extremely powerful, extremely dangerous villains in addition to the giant monsters they must face.

It can be safely presumed this was the thing that Bunn was teasing earlier this week.

Check out the solicit for the first issue and the cover below:

Written by CULLEN BUNN
Variant Cover by TBA
Hip-Hop Variant Cover by TBA
From acclaimed writer CULLEN BUNN, known for his work on DEADPOOL, UNCANNY X-MEN and more, comes a high-action sci-fi series centered on a team of monstrous and monstrously massive do-gooders including KID KAIJU, AEGIS, SLIZZIK, SCRAGG, and MEKARA. Now teaming up with vampire-hunter ELSA BLOODSTONE, the series unfolds as the team takes on gargantuan creatures and protects the planet from ruin and disaster. However, can they be accepted by the rest of the Marvel Universe and allowed to help, or will they be deemed dangerous as well?
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

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