Chris Ware, Cosey And Larcenet Are Three Finalists For Angoulême’s Grand Prix , After Alan Moore Pulled Out Again

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It is the most prestige prize in comic books in the world. The Angoulême Grand Prix.

After a first round of free votes from members, the three finalists are Chris Ware, Cosey and Manu Larcenet.

Alan Moore was originally in the top three, but he has declined to be so honoured, saying that he has decided not to accept awards or rewards anymore, and not to go to comics festivals. He would prefer such awards go to less conventional people and while he appreciates the thoughts of those who voted for him, but has chosen not to do or be what others want him to be. With his withdrawal, the fourth place entered the top three.

The winner will be named President of Angoulême’s show next year.

Cosey is the veteran choice, a Swiss cartoonist best known for his series Jonathan. He was recently chosen to reinvent Mickey Mouse for Glenat, published in the US by IDW.


Manu Larcenet is more humor-oriented, although he does some hard-hitting non-humor comics. His artwork combines caricature and painting and a writing style compared to Garth Ennis.


Chris Ware is the Canadian creator who worked on Art Spiegelman‘s Raw but is best known for his Acme Novelty Library series, and spinoff Jimmy Corrigan and Building Stories.


Since the winner will be voted in, Larcenet is the most likely, since he is very popular among his peers – and French. Cosey is from a previous generation and Ware is little known in France. But anyone whose comics work is published in French can vote, through their publisher.

Though these days, it’s a bad idea to try and predict which way a vote will swing.

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