A World With So, So Many Supermen – Trinity And Superman Spoilers

Today’s Trinity #5 and Superman give you far more Supermen then you might have thought possible.

In Trinity, quite a lot of them are dead. Dream creations of the Black Mercy flower…. being killed by the White Mercy. And Francis Manapul goes through the back catalogue, from Alex Ross’s Kingdom Come Superman…


…to the Superman from the very first issue, with that shield of an S, the Animated Superman, and even Superman with a mullet.


But they do seem to span the gamut if the character’s publication history. Today’s Superman¬†#15 by Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Ed Benes, Jorge Jimenez, Ryan Sook and Clay Mann¬†however, goes sideways instead and travels the multiverse picking up Supermen as it goes. That’s every kind of Superman. Including, it seems, Superman Exposition.


And then across the multiverse… where our Superman has to stop a President of the USA Superman from attacking a Nazi Superman.

Which seems heavily symbolic. They do know it’s Inauguration tomorrow, yes?



And yes, they’ve even got a rhyming Etrigan The Super-Demon…


You know, with so many super villains plans to get captured of late, it’s nice that Superman – or one of him – wants to join in too.

So there you go. More Supermen for your $5.98 than you’d ever thought you’d get…

Trinity #5 and Superman #15 are published today. And we didn’t even look at New Superman, Justice League, Justice League Vs Squad…

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