J Michael Straczynski On The Importance – Or Not – Of Superman’s Red Shorts

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Superman is getting a new costume redesign. Again. And, as has been traditional (since 2011 at least), he doesn’t have the red shorts. The trunks. The underpants. Whatever you want to call them. Modeled on a strongman’s costume in the nineteen thirties, they have in recent decades been described as “wearing underpants over your trousers” and have been a source of ribaldry.

So even the recent DC Rebirth that brought back certain discarded aspects of the DC Universe mythos, didn’t extend that to include the red trunks. Not even in the Pre-52 version of the character

Some people have been up in arms about this, as if it is a crime against humanity, Indeed, Dan DiDio, co-publisher of DC Comics, was targeted with messages such at this on Facebook;


Along with this kind of imagery,


It’s not every day you are basically accused of being a Nazi. Oh wait, sorry, this is the internet, it is every day. And this fellow was vociferous – until he was banned.

But in his absence Babylon 5 creator and writer of the Superman “Grounded” arc, J Michael Straczynski was good at impersonations…


It’s uncanny…

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