Topps Returns To Publishing Comics With The Garbage Pail Kids

In the early nineties, Topps began publishing comic books, based on their lines of cards and licenses they picked up. They created a Kirbyverse based on the original works of Jack Kirby, they published the bestselling and long-running X-Files series drawn by Charlie Adlard a decade before he would find greater fame on The Walking Dead and even got Frank Miller to draw Zorro and Mike Mignola on Dracula. Before the nineties boom ‘n’ bust, they were a major comic book player.

Could that time be nigh?


Topps has announced a new comic book published today. A Garbage Pail Kids comic called The Worst Of 2016. But it seems more of a object aimed at Garbage Pail collectors.

The story, by Pat Barrett and Brent Engstrom is a mere 6 pages long, with a cover bringing it up to 8 pages. But what you do get are 2 exclusive stickers for Grim Jim and Nervous Rex, saying goodbye to the last year and dreading the current one.

And they’re charging $20 for the set.


If this, and subsequent offerings are a success, could we see Topps Comics return to comic book stores?

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