The Truth Is Still, Still, Still, Still Out There As Fox Planning More X-Files For 2018

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If inquisitive FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully haven’t located the truth yet, after one nine season run on TV starting in 1993, a feature film during that run, a second feature film in 2008, and a six season revival in 2016, then let’s face it – they’re probably never going to. However, Fox is willing to let them keep trying, as the network’s exec David Madden revealed a goal to have “more X-Files ready in 2018,” according to a report from a press event by The Hollywood Reporter. Of course, it’s no big surprise that we’d likely get another season of the show, as we’re at a turning point in entertainment history where, if we can just keep the stars of our favorite 1990s television programs alive long enough to make a few more seasons, we’ll probably improve hologram technology to the point where we can produce new episodes starring them indefinitely soon enough.

So, is it too soon to hope for a Fuller House crossover?

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