As Trump Puts His Businesses Into A Trust, Marvel Asks You To Trust The Secret Empire

Posted by January 11, 2017 Comment

I have to say, this was kinda ballsy of Marvel staffer. Not only did Joe Quesada, EIC of Marvel post a very honourific goodbye to President Obama at the same time President-Elect Trump was talking about Quesada’s boss Isaac Perlmutter and his work with the incoming government in veteran affairs…

…that after Trump announced that yes, after all, his business interests would be entering a trust run by his sons, Marvel publicised the latest in their Secret Empire teasers, the big Captain America event from Marvel in the Spring.


Rather well timed. Though it also fits with today’s Captain America comic in which it is revealed that Maria Hill, director of SHIELD is building a wall. And we learn more of Captain America’s revised history with Hydra.

The original Secret Empire story from the seventies saw the leader of the international criminal organisation revealed as the President of the USA, Richard Nixon, leaving Steve Rogers to resign from being Captain America.

It does, again, make us wonder where Marvel are going with this.

And has anyone told Ike?

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