Saturn Girl In The New Justice League Vs Suicide Squad - And Other DC Rebirth/Watchmen Doings (Spoilers)

Saturn Girl In The New Justice League Vs Suicide Squad – And Other DC Rebirth/Watchmen Doings (Spoilers)

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Last week, Bleeding Cool looked at the appearance of Emerald Empress in Justice League vs Suicide Squad #2 and how she may tie into the whole DC Rebirth/Watchmen/timeline mishmash.

There are more clues today. First that her powers, and her glowing eye are indeed connected to Green Lanterns.

1484124314663And while she is able to take down Simon Baz easily enough.

On Jessica Cruz, it’s not quite as easy.


Emerald Empress was originally a member of the Legion Of Superheroes villains, The Fatal Five. Of late her Emerald Eye, the Eye of Ekron, a former Green Lantern, was seen as a possession of Lobo, before the Empress took it back. The eye was meant to be a precursor of the technology that later led to the power Green Lanterns rings. Things may be different now. A temporal alert may indicate a paradox. Could the Emerald Empress acting against Jessica Cruz create a temporal anomaly? Could Ekron’s eye be linked to Cruz’s ring in the future? She really did want to know about that Legionnaire last week…

And over in today’s Suicide Squad, we find out why she joined Amanda Waller’s original squad back in the day…


Saturn Girl. That would be one of the founders of the Legion Of Superheroes.


And presumed to be the woman from DC Rebirth Special #1…

…of late imprisoned in Arkham Asylum.


And now sought after by the Emerald Empress. Possibly also from the future and in some ways tied into Green Lanterns and Jessica Cruz’ ring?


And now it seems the storyline will be spreading to Supergirl.

Just not this week’s issue, I checked. But Emerald Empress does know the future – and the future for Superman.

While in today’s Action Comics, Superman is faced with another future to dread. And deals with it a lot quicker than ten issue of Civil War II did.

action-comics-2016-971-007While over in Titans he meets up with similarly out-of-time Wally West…


If time has been edited by Dr Manhattan, could the Emerald Empress’s presence here, alongside Saturn Girl, be connected to those changes in time?

Justice League Vs Suicide Squad, Suicide Squad, Titans and Action Comics are all published today.

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