Ben Affleck Stopped By TSA, Searched For Clues On Whether He Will Direct The Batman

Bleeding Cool has been keeping you update on the constantly changing status of Ben Affleck directing the standalone Bat-film, The Batman. Affleck originally started hedging on the idea back in December, saying that he was going to take his time to get the movie right, and then saying that if he can’t, he might not do it at all. Rumors of a delay to the film cast the status further into doubt, but Affleck seemingly put concerns to rest yesterday when he said he would definitely direct The Batman. Still, it’s hard to say whether he means it this time. Bleeding Cool followed up with Affleck in an EXXXCLUSIVE interview, but we were unable to determine his sincerity.

Taking matters into their own hands, touchy-feely American airport security organization The TSA decided to stop Affleck and search him for any clues as to whether or not he will actually direct the film while he was preparing to board a flight at LAX. TMZ has a video of the search:

Unfortunately, they were reportedly unable to find any concrete evidence proving Affleck will direct or not direct the film. A TSA agent does believe he’s found something in Affleck’s butt region around 26 seconds into the video, but it turns out to be some pocket change. Multiple sensual feeling ups of Affleck’s legs, chest, and crotch yielded a similar lack of results. So it looks like we’re no closer to knowing the truth behind this mystery, and will need to take Affleck at his most recent word, saying he will indeed direct The Batman.

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