Rob Liefeld Mistaken As Fan Asking For Selfie With Donald Glover At Golden Globes

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Superstar artist Sir Robert Liefeld may be a comics legend, and he may have dominated the news last week with announcements of both a big-screen adaptation of his Extreme Studios¬†properties and a revival of those comics at Image, but that didn’t stop him from being misidentified as a “fan selfie request” at the Golden Globes last night. THR Reporter Chris Gardner tweeted a photo of Liefeld posing with Golden Globe winner Donald Glover, and said:

Gardner was soon corrected, and tried to smooth things over:

Now, can someone explain to Gardner, and the rest of the media, that a photo with somebody isn’t a selfie if you’re not taking the picture yourself.

Poor Rob Liefeld. Maybe he’s just more recognizable by his butt in a tight pair of Levis:

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