Multiple Reports Say Scalebound Has Ceased Development As Microsoft And Platinum Go Their Own Ways

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Scalebound always looked cool. Dragons and beats headphones ended up being a really cool concept despite itself, and the gameplay that had been shown off looked really rad and an asset to Xbox One.

Sadly, it looks like the game isn’t going to be. Kotaku reported it initially, only to be re-verified by Eurogamer, who are reporting that the game is in terminal trouble as they say that Platinum Games and Microsoft have parted ways on the project. This seems to have come to a head with a heavy workload, a break, and then Platinum being too far behind after said break. It seems the game’s development has now been discontinued.

This is a real shame. There were playable parts of the game, and gameplay videos out there, but alas, it seems one or both parties have decided that continued development isn’t worth it.

I hope one day this sees some kind of revival. Fighting alongside a massive dragon friend on a AAA scale seems a cool concept. Alas, for now, it seems this trail has gone dead.

Not to twist the knife, here is the last official look at the game.

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