The First Dark Archer Returns To Green Arrow With DC Rebirth

Malcolm Merlyn, The Dark Archer, first appeared in Justice League of America #94 in 1971, created by writer Mike Friedrich and artists Neal Adams and Dick Dillin. Antagonist to Green Arrow, he was a freelance assassin. He is portrayed in the TV series Arrow by John Barrowman and he and Carole Barrowman have written the DC comic Arrow: The Dark Archer drawn by Daniel Sampere.

But in the DC Universe titles, Malcolm Meryln has been out of the picture. Instead the comic has featured his son Tommy Merlyn, to match the younger Oliver Queen seen in the comic in recent years. Wueen’s best friend when young, he became a mercenary.

Well, in this week’s new Green Arrow, Queen has been chasing a Dark Archer, posing as himself.


And a familiar face behind┬áthe hood. Well, familiar-ish. So no, not Tommy Meryln…


…or John Barrowman…



A member of the League of Assassins, he has been hired by the Ninth Circle to tarnish the Green Arrow’s reputation… and it worked. Another sign towards how the comics and the DCU are fitting closer together thanks to DC Rebirth?


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