Marvel’s Captain America Centric Super-Mega-Crossover Event, Secret Empire, Coming In 2017? [UPDATED]

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Marvel senior communication director Joe Taraborrelli has tweeted out a teaser for what looks like a Captain America super-mega-crossover event called Secret Empire:

Could this have anything to do with the CLASSIFIED event Marvel is promoting for later this year? Is it why Marvel recently released a “launch trailer” for the Captain America: Steve Rogers series, even though issue 8 is already in stores? Will Cap still be hailing Hydra when all is said and done? Will heroes fight heroes? Hydra vs Hydra? Will Nick Spencer stop tweeting long enough to write it? Will it cost $5.99? Will Marvel double ship it to retailers for free to spike sales? Which hero will die shockingly? Will it be Sam Wilson? How many issues before it’s delayed?

Did you hear about this first at Bleeding Cool in December?

That one we can answer: yes you did.

Pip pip.

Rich adds: Jude, Jude, you heard about it first on Bleeding Cool in July!

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