Lost Girls Will Not Be A Broadway Musical

Seamas O'Reilly interviewed Alan Moore for the Irish Times last year, for the release of his novel, Jerusalem. He has now put the whole transcript up online, which you can read here.

It's a fun read, but one paragraphs stuck out for me, talking about adapting comics into movies – or, basically, anything into anything.

Yeah, all of this, it's stupid, makes no sense at all and I say, cranky or not, that it actually damages the integrity of the central work, the idea that anything can be adapted into anything. I think we had somebody suggest at some point, why don't we do Lost Girls: The Musical? We've also had people say why not do Lost Girls: The Movie or Lost Girls: The Animated Movie? And we had to explain why not; that it was a work that could only be realised in comics. It wouldn't work as a movie. It wouldn't work as a stage play. It wouldn't work as a musical. [Laughs] It particularly wouldn't work as a musical.

Lost Girls, the pornographic comic by Melinda Gebbie and Alan Moore, that explores the conjoining sexual lives of Alice from Alice In Wonderland, Dorothy from Wizard Of Oz and Wendy from Peter Pan.


That, somehow, appeared in The Simpsons... but it seems, not Broadway or the West End. Sorry, everyone.



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