What The Hell Has DC Comics Done To Captain Carrot? (Superman Spoilers)

What The Hell Has DC Comics Done To Captain Carrot? (Superman Spoilers)

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Today’s Superman sees a multiuplicity of multiversity, as Superman encounters the Superman of Red Son.

Well, if Grant Morrison hasn’t gotten round to the long promised Multiversity Too, it’s time for Peter Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado to step up in today’s Superman #14. Remember the Justice League Incarnate?


They were introduced at the end of Multiversity…


…but we haven’t heard much from them since. And oh look, they are missing a member, Captain Carrot. Well, maybe he’s just too silly for DC Rebirth, I can understand that. I guess. And a few of them get namechecked…
superman-2016-014-014…but no mention of their missing lapin colleague. Just a simple oversight? Something a carrotcounter forgot to add up?

Apparently not. Captain Carrot is a Superman analog character, it seems who along with all manner of Supermen you may recognise, including Kal Kent, the Superman of the year 1,000,000.
superman-2016-014-019Break out the map!


So what are they doing to Captain Carrot?



Captain Carrot was created by Roy Thomas and Scott Shaw as part of the Zoo Crew, but they didn’t receive credit or payments as a result of his Multiversity revival.

And now, it seems, that point will be made moot.

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