The 16th Rumour Awards - Image Of The Year 2016

The 16th Rumour Awards – Image Of The Year 2016

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It’s a long long time since the very first one of these. I was 28 when I decided that an annual look back at the rumours and scoops of the year would be a good thing. 16 years later, that’s still to be determined. But here we go again with a self-congratulatory pat on the back. Mostly.

But feel free to catch up with previous years by clicking on all these many links.

On with the Image Of The Year


From January 2016, Bleeding Cool was the first to pick up on this scene from the really rather fun Angela, Queen Of Hel series from Marvel Comics, by Marguerite Bennett, Aaron Kim Jacinto and Stephanie Hans.

From there is was picked up by alt-right commentary as everything that was wrong with modern comics, refusing to consider that the author may have been mocking herself, and over the top authorial commentary as anything else. I thought it was a good joke and a great comic. It may have spread for all the wrong reasons. But spread it did.


Marvel’s Captain America: Steve Rogers #2 cliffhanger page was also one of the most parodied. And while there is no visual image of it, Tom Brevoort standing up in the subsequent Mark Gruenwald memorial event to simply say “Hail Hydra” didn’t go down too well.

And it gave a new subtext to this particular Civil War II cliffhanger – which is still hanging.


And even this scene from the same series.


One of the pivotal pages of DC Rebirth was leaked onto the internet and fair blew the mind that DC Comics would go there.


Although long before there was any kind of Rebirth… there was a curtain. A teasing, teasing curtain.


Even Marvel had to join in.


There was also an election this year. You may have noticed. And while there was plenty of commentary form all sorts of creators, it was this image from the Spider-Gwen Annual that riled up so many.



Allegations of sexual harassment were revived against Group Editor Eddie Berganza, a story that Bleeding Cool had covered a few years ago before, it seemed, people cared about that sort of thing. But there was considerable disquiet displayed across the internet, peaking with co-publisher Dan DiDio deleting his Twitter account, but only after posting imagery that showed solidarity with Eddie Berganza.


There was also the opportunity for the Suicide Squad trailer to make Harley Quinn’s hotpants longer, digitally, than in the film – and Comic-Con trailer.

Which nicely tallies with a certain Mockingbird cover that caused just as must uproar and pushed the writer off Twitter – but even saw Marvel renaming the first collection to match it.


And from the other direction, the exclusive retailer cover for Midtown Comics by J Scott Campbell caused objection to a sexualisation of an underage woman…


but was replaced with this.


And Frank Cho walked off Wonder Woman over receiving notes from Greg Rucka, that Cho was guaranteed he would not receive, and which Rucka was guaranteed he would be able to give, as Sales and Marketing divisions at DC Comics clashed.

wonder-woman-3-600x912 stl010864-600x912

But the image of the year had to actually come in its final days. Snapped through curtains, secretive and partially blocked by President-Elect Donald Trump, the visage of Ike Perlmutter, CEO of Marvel, finally revealed to the world.

And strangely familiar to Hannibal viewers.

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