Lying In The Gutters – 1st January 2017 – Blame The Polls

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We already ran the Lying In The Gutters for the whole of 2016 here.

So this is just for the past week. The stories you read the most since last Sunday – it seems like a whole year away.

  1. WWE Deletes Wrestlemania Main Event Poll That Roman Reigns Was Losing Badly
  2. Justice League Vs Suicide Squad #2 Enters DC Rebirth And Watchmen
  3. Casting Director Blames George R. R. Martin For Lack Of Diversity In Game Of Thrones
  4. A Few Unanswered Questions From Civil War II #8 – And Is Bendis Really Writing Against Marvel Films, Disney And Kevin Feige? (SPOILERS)
  5. Marvel Comics Has Finally Got Round To Opposing That Mister Fantastic Trademark Application
  6. Frank Cho’s Unseen Princess Leia Cover, Posted In Tribute
  7. NBC/Spectrum Negotiation Problems Could Leave Millions Without WWE Wrestling
  8. Outlander’s Sam Heughan Would Like To Be Doctor Who’s Next Doctor
  9. Visions Of The Future – Where Civil War II Stops, Action Comics Picks Up (SPOILERS)
  10. Titans #6 Continues The DC Rebirth Watchmen Tease (SPOILERS)
  11. CW’s The Flash: Today, Tomorrow And Beyond
  12. Possibly Hungry For Meat And Potatoes, Axel Alonso Remarks, Marvel “Never Lost Sight Of Our Classic Characters”
  13. The Most Expensive Comic That Sold On eBay In 2016 – And Financial Advice Of Comics As Commodity
  14. The First Public Photograph Of Marvel’s Ike Perlmutter In Over Thirty-Five Years
  15. Andrew Garfield Says He Struggled Playing Spider-Man
  16. WWE Wants To Know Who You Want To See Main Event Wrestlemania (And It Better Be Roman Reigns)
  17. 2016 Strikes Again: Actor, Comedian Ricky Harris Dead At 54
  18. Xbox Boss Says He Isn’t A Fan Of Paying For Exclusive Content ‘So Another Console’s Base Can’t Play’
  19. When Will DC Comics’ Batman-Centric Summer 2017 Event Begin?
  20. Eleven Thoughts About Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Return Of Doctor Mysterio


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