Plot Details Behind Lion Forge's Catalyst Prime, Revealed...

Plot Details Behind Lion Forge’s Catalyst Prime, Revealed…

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The details of the Free Comic Book Day title are all we know about what’s behind the Catalyst Prime line of superhero titles, with some of the best superhero comics creators in the business, for Lion Forge.

A mission to save the world from a rapidly approaching asteroid changes the lives of five astronauts forever, and begins the rise of superhuman beings on Earth. The surprise ending will lay the groundwork for the entire Catalyst Prime line of comics in 2017 and beyond!

But the website has updated with some more details.

Through a series of articles we understand, that an asteroid named Icarus2 could hit the Earth and destroy human society in May 2017 – with conspiracies abounding that it is actually part of an alien attack.

Amidst asteroid panic, that US Forces are creating a new force from Special Forces Green Berets, Navy SEALS, Army Rangers, and others for an unconventional warfare exercise named Star Shield One, commanded by General James Primus, which could protect against space attack.

We get told about mysterious Jade Helm 15 exercises, groups of people called Preppers who have been preparing for this eventuality, including one Jim Singer. Oh and the governor of Texas is Abigail Cruz.

And what is to be done? Who are the five astronauts? Here’s all we have…


Icarus Wings as the astronauts who will stop Icarus2 from hitting? From Foresight technologies? And what affect will this have on them?

Hey, I suppose if Marvel doesn’t want to publish The Fantastic Four, then Lion Forge might as well do it.

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