Justice League Vs Suicide Squad #2 Enters DC Rebirth And Watchmen Territory

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Justice League Vs Suicide Squad #2 is out today, from Joshua Williamson,  Mark Morales and Tony S. Daniel. And it features a Harley Quinn longing for here Little Black Book days…


…but getting this instead.


A Batman who, over in Batman and Detective Comics is trying to rehabilitate all sorts of bad guys and creating his own Suicide Squad…


…and dealing with a mass murdering Catwoman…


…be a lot more judgmental towards Deadshot.


For a scene that Deadshot took full responsibility for…


While Aquaman forgets his own continuity completely…


Diablo turns internet comment board writer…


And Killer Frost doing her best Mary Sue impersonation, up there with Wesley Crusher.

But behind the scenes we see Maxwell Lord gather his team of ne’er-do-wells, and it may well be a team before the DC Rebirth – before the New 52. Or at least memories of that pre-Dr Manhattan-affected timeline, and the years that have been removed.


Notice the mention of the Legionnaire, also last seen in Batman’s I Am Suicide.


And originally seen in DC Rebirth Special #1.

And, back in Justice League Vs Suicide Squad, Maxwell Lord remembering his time as leader and funder of a Justice League.


Justice League Vs Suicide Squad #2 is published today.

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