Where Can You Find The Issues Of Superman That Appeared In Doctor Who?

Posted by December 27, 2016 Comment

This year’s Doctor Who‘s Christmas Special, The Return Of Doctor Mysterio, featured pages from two issues of John Byrne‘s Superman. But, for the keen Doctor Who collector, which issues would those be?

Well, most of the pages are from one issue #19 and a little from #7.


Issue #19 from 1988 can be found on eBay for $1.99, newsstand edition or $5.99 direct market edition, but some searching in dollar boxes in comic stores could elicit cheaper deals. Mile High Comics has it for $1.50 and Amazon from $2.15.

Either way, chump change.


While issue 7 which features the Clark Kent face that The Doctor draws glasses upon, goes for even less, $1.35 on eBay, $1.89 in Amazon, and $2 on Mile High Comics.

But I wonder how much one would go for, signed by Capaldi, including glasses drawn on by him?

Sorry, Peter… expect a few of these now.

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