Page Six One Six – Blind Items For Christmas Day 2016


Welcome to Page Six One Six, the annual-ish blind items column of Bleeding Cool. Stories taken from across the comic book industry, from publisher to publisher, creator to creator, where the names have been changed to protect the guilty. Stories told in the Hyatt roof bar or the Bayfront basement, from intern to colourist, to assistant editor… you have been warned.

Which comics writer got his editor’s name wrong and started sending sending e-mails full of secret plot points about an upcoming event to his publisher’s biggest competitor? Giving them a two-month window ahead of solicitation on their rival’s big event plans? And telling them exactly when to schedule their own to scupper their rival?

Which marketing executive who was made Senior VP at DC Comics a decade ago, doesn’t even mention the position on her LinkedIn page anymore, describing the period merely as a marketing position at Time Warners?

Which comic book publisher, after a dinner meeting at a show between writers, editors and artists, male and female, ended it as people milled out into the streets, by raising his fists to the air and shouting “let’s go to a titty bar!” And then did.

Which comic book executive was rather surprised to stumble out from another “titty bar” onto the streets of New York to see me walking past to on the way to my AirBNB, and pleaded with me not to mention his name?

Which male comics editor who speaks loudly against sexual assault in the industry was actually once arrested, himself, for sexual assault of a comics creator?

Which prominent comics editor had never read comics before being made an editor and continues to not read comics while handling one of the biggest entertainment properties in the comics industry?

Which big time established New York cartoonist is putting his dollar where his mouth is and planning to make a move to London after the inauguration of President Trump?

Which prestigious award committee routinely rejects nomination lists from publishers if they don’t like the creators or works on the list and drafts a suggested list in response in order to focus on more established and less controversial nominees?

Which comic creator, after appearing on a gay-themed panel at a comic con, was heard being told by another gay comic creator, “you don’t get work from the publisher because they are homophobic, you don’t get work because they don’t like you.”

Which big name comic book creators are working together on a cannabis lifestyle magazine for the newsstand for next year, in the light of new legalisation measures?

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