Did We Know That Batman #13 Is A Justice League Vs Suicide Squad Crossover Issue?

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When Justice League Vs Suicide Squad was announced, with Justice League Of America spinning out of it, Batman creating his own Suicide Squad, it seemed to clash with a very similar story, I Am Suicide, happening in the ongoing Batman comic. Almost replicating it.

Looks like someone noticed – and decided to incorporate it. Basically, today’s Batman #13 is an unofficial Justice League Vs Suicide Squad crossover.

We start in the event launch issue…


Well, maybe Aquaman should be less concerned about Suicide Squad and more concerned with what Black Manta is actually up to in his own comic. Creating a war between Atlantis and the USA.


While over in Batman #13, out today, Suicide Squad’s Amanda Waller is visiting the Batcave and Alfred.


Which references this very issue of Justice League Vs Suicide Squad. While also references this very issue of Batman.


Two comics referencing each other that actually don’t contradict each other on the same day? For DC Comics, that is as tight as continuity gets.

So, anyway, yes, Justice League vs Suicide Squad. It’s not all standing around tables talking to each other…


Justice League Vs Suicide Squad, Batman and Aquaman are all published today.

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