The Wild Storm Returns To Returnability, To Thwart Speculators

The Wild Storm Returns To Returnability, To Thwart Speculators

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Over the weekend, I informed you that retailers had been told that The Wild Storm, the new series from Warren Allis and Jon Davis-Hart, would no longer have its first two issues returnable, as promised by DC Comics.

I envisaged some kind f beancounter high up in a financial mansion looking at the numbers and slamming down some kind of Returnability Disapproved stamp after seeing the numbers.

Well, if such a figure exists, he has been countermanded by the Beard Of Warren.

Retailers have now been informed that DC has listened to them and that “following your input and comments” they are are reinstating returnability on The Wild Storm #1 and #2. Boy, I’d have loved to have read some of those input and comments and counted the expletives. Or, indeed, the wild storms.

Jim “Ski” Sokolowski, DC’s VP – Comic Book Specialty Sales and Trade Marketing says, amongst the brickbats and flaming torches, “We realized that returnability wasn’t exactly compatible with order incentive variant covers, especially when they’re drawn by Jim Lee. By putting returnability back in place and making a couple of changes on the variants, retailers should be able to take advantage and order up on these issues.”

So basically, you can’t order 10,000 copies to get a hundred of the 1:100 Jim Lee B+W sketch variant covers, planning to send them all back. The previous 1:50 Jim Lee cover is now open to order rather than being tiered and the black and white version can’t be ordered at all, instead it will be given to attendees of ComicsPro in February 2017.


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