A Few Tasty Exclusive Variant Covers From M&M And Fried Pie

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From Fried Pie-associated comic stores….


Justice League Power Rangers by Mike Allred
Color 3K Print Run
B&W 1500 Print Run


Tomorrow’s Ashes by Ariela Kristantina
Standard 500 Print Run
Virgin Rare 50 Print Run


My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #50 Wraparound cover
600 Print Run


While M&M Comics has a goodly stack of their new Animosity #4 variant. With even fewer copies, a print run of just 175 colour and 75 spot colour. And bless them, their #4 variant works as a mirror image of their #3 variant to form a set, and both by Kelsey Shannon. They will be released tomorrow

animosity_04_ks_mmcomics_1c animosity_04_ks_mmcomics_4c animosity3and4mmcolorset

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