Renae De Liz Talks About Her Relationship With DC Comics And The Cancellation Of The Legend Of Wonder Woman

Renae De Liz Talks About Her Relationship With DC Comics And The Cancellation Of The Legend Of Wonder Woman

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After today’s article in the Guardian newspaper, in which DC Comics representatives went on the record about the cancellation of The Legend Of Wonder Woman volume 2 by Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon in mid-production, De Liz has decided to speak out.

The Guardian newspaper reported DC representatives blamed this on what they called

“a challenging relationship” with the husband and wife team behind the series.

And that though

“we loved the book and we were very excited to work on the collected volume”, the studio was concerned about Dillon’s public comments about other teams at DC on social media.

De Liz posted on Facebook,

There’s seems to be a ton of articles on LoWW at the moment, and wild ideas of what happened, and misconceptions of who we are, so let me say a couple things to clarify so we (and DC) can hopefully move on from this. :)

DC stated “challenging relationship”as the cause for the end of LOWW, which I feel is fair from both sides. I want LoWW readers to know, never once did I knowingly cross any lines, or felt I risked LoWW in any way, which is why I was SO shocked by the turn of events. I am a very careful person, and would never have risked it.

My true mistake was not recognizing the atmosphere of my work environment (perhaps a hazard of working remotely) so I could understand the expectations from it. I had the impression everything was fine & was told repeatedly I was welcomed to share my concerns or opinions anytime, so I trusted it was wanted, and safe to give them privately and respectfully. If I had known my thoughts were not appreciated, I would not have given them.

My couple tweets seen in most articles were relating feelings and not intended as a negative towards DC. I didn’t recognize it was viewed so harshly, or was forbidden, and I apologize for any harm they did.

In the last week I’ve lost a dream project, been uplifted by the comics community, been accused of being horrible things, while dealing with a threatened pregnancy.

We are not bad people, we didn’t know we were…er…”poo-ing” where we ate and weren’t roving around DC like a couple ungrateful, mindless rebels. We just missed information somewhere which led to us choosing honesty instead of the expected compliance.

So I hope now news sites will give my family peace through the Holidays, because we sorely need it, especially for baby soon-to-be. There is no ill will to DC, and no crazy story to tell. It’s just the way things worked out this time.

I will be forever grateful for my time with Wonder Woman, and to the readers who supported it. I’ll always be right here, continuing to support the works of DC’s wonderful creators, and I hope everyone does the same.

Bleeding Cool has henceforth agreed to De Liz’ request. As it stands 475 people have signed a petition to return The Legend Of Wonder Woman to publication, including Wonder Woman ongoing series writer Greg Rucka. Their GoFundMe page has raised $5125 so far. And as for unfulfilled commissions, Ray says he is down to three people and Renae down to eight.

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