Lying In The Gutters – 18th December 2016 – The Power Of A Punch

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So… what have you been reading this week?

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Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

  1. The Mary Sue Article That Killed Wonder Woman
  2. BREAKING: Photo Of Negan From Tonight’s Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale [Facial Hair SPOILERS]
  3. I Was Wrong. It’s Not Spider-Man #10 That Spoils Civil War II. It’s Guardians Of The Galaxy #15.
  4. I’ve Just Seen Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. And It’s Less An Uncanny Valley, More A Sarlacc Pit
  5. Will This Week’s Spider-Man #10 Utterly Spoil That Plot Twist In Civil War II #8? (SPOILERS)
  6. George Lucas To Meet The Legends Of Tomorrow
  7. Barry Allen Isn’t Happy With Wally West On The Flash – Spoilers
  8. Frankensteining DC Comics March 2017 Solicits – As Aqualad Joins Teen Titans (UPDATE)
  9. Here Is How Darth Vader’s Costume Is Different In Rogue One
  10. Topless Or Not? This Is How The Thing Reacts To Bendis’ Writing Of The Marvel Universe (SPOILERS)
  11. Former Deadpool 2 Director Tim Miller Addresses Why He Left The Project (And Do We Believe Him)
  12. Is Megan Fox Planning To Play Poison Ivy In Gotham City Sirens? Speculator Corner…
  13. IDW To Tell Mirror Universe Tales Of Star Trek: The Next Generation For Free Comic Book Day 2017 – Including Borg Data
  14. New Scarlet Spider Series From Marvel By Peter David And Mark Bagley?
  15. As Of Today, Captain Boomerang Is No More. For Real This Time. (SPOILERS)
  16. Marvel’s Brevoort: Publicly Available Comic Book Sales Estimates Not “Remotely Accurate”
  17. In IVX, The Beast Prefers Rick Remender’s Plot. And What Did Cyclops Actually Do Again?
  18. Stuart Immonen Is The New Amazing Spider-Man Artist. Yes, I Know You Already Knew…
  19. Fanboy Rampage: Tom Brevoort Vs. Bleeding Cool Reader vs. Rich Johnston Over Marvel Sales
  20. DC Comics Cancels Legend Of Wonder Woman Vol 2, Half Way Through Being Created

And Ten You May Prefer

  1. When Megan Fox Wanted To Be A Comics Artist – And Be In Warren Ellis And Steve Pugh’s Hotwire
  2. How Marvel Comics Won The November 2016 Marketshare
  3. Improbable Previews: What The Hell Is Going On In Uncanny Avengers #18?
  4. The Top Ten Bestselling Comics Of 2016 – In The Direct Market
  5. When Is A Merger Not A Merger? When It’s Desert Sky Comics (UPDATE)
  6. Stephen Shamus Names Names In Case Against Wizard World
  7. SCOOP: Marvel Comics To Publish Deadpool Vs The Punisher
  8. Fanboy Rampage: The Comic Con Wars Of Arizona
  9. Batman 66 Meets Archie? Betty And Veronica And Harley??
  10. What Does A Comic Writer Do When His Artist Is Abducted By Aliens?


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