What Does A Comic Writer Do When His Artist Is Abducted By Aliens?

What Does A Comic Writer Do When His Artist Is Abducted By Aliens?

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Satellite Falling is a relatively high profile comic published by IDW earlier in the year. A creator owned series by Steve Horton and Stephen Thompson, a sci-fi comic about a female bounty hunter living on a spaceport filled with many aliens. The first issue launched in May, the second in June, the third in July and the fourth… is currently scheduled for June 2017.

Something went wrong. Artist Stephen Thompson stopped sending in pages. The reason? He had been abducted by Aliens.

Or, rather, Aliens: Defiance, the comic book published by Dark Horse, written by Brian Wood. And someone just noticed. Or rather, didn’t check last month’s Previews.



And who might that artist be?

That would be Martin Morazzo. Looks like it may be returning a little sooner with a new artist at the helm.

Oh and…


Probably. But at least Steve has found a new partner. And yes, I know exactly how this is sounding, hey, he started it with the cheating analogy.

And knowing how this might look to some, he added,


How many of these tweets will remain undeleted do you think? Oh and…


I did…

Satellite Falling #4 will be coming out from IDW by Steve Horton and Martin Morazzo… sometime. Aliens: Defiant continues to be published by Dark Horse from Brian Wood and Stephen Thompson.


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