When Megan Fox Wanted To Be A Comics Artist - And Be In Warren Ellis And Steve Pugh's Hotwire

When Megan Fox Wanted To Be A Comics Artist – And Be In Warren Ellis And Steve Pugh’s Hotwire

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Yesterday, Bleeding Cool ran a piece about the actor Megan Fox, and the possibility of her taking the role of Poison Ivy in the upcoming Gotham City Sirens movie, based on her comic book buying patterns of late. Based on the specific information I’ve seen, I still think that holds up.

But, it is also true, she could have just been buying comics.

Because Megan Fox does still read them. When younger, she seemed especially a fan of the work that came from Homage Studios, which eventually split out into Wildstorm, Top Cow and Aspen.  Indeed, she tried to get work there.

Talking to Jimmy Fallon in 2009, she mentioned what she did during the summer as a child, working as a dancing banana in a fruit store, going to Bible camp and wanting to be a comic book artist. Naming Witchblade, Gen-13 and Fathom as her favourites, namechecking J Scott Campbell.


She was mocked by some as only naming Fathom because she was attached to a planned film, in truth she was only attached to the film because she likes the comics and its creator Michael Turner.

Indeed, these creators met her originally as a young woman when she was passing around her portfolio at West Coast comic book conventions trying to get work as a comics artist. And, yes, a Jim Lee/J Scott Campbell-inspired one.

But also, back in 2009 at least, she was still drawing… and whipped up a quick sketch for Jimmy to prove it.


Sadly, she failed in that career, so she had to resort to becoming a TV and movie star instead.

She also appeared in comic book movies Jonah Hex and two Turtles films, and according to artist Steve Pugh, wanted to play the lead in an adaptation of his comic with Warren Ellis, Hotwire, but the then-publisher Radical Entertainment couldn’t agree terms.


But she still enjoys comics, and when asked is happy to recommend her favourites and those of her friends – even if she gets fake-geek-girl-shamed for it.

If she does indeed take the role of Poison Ivy in Gotham City Sirens, and indeed it’s still quite a stretch, remember that, okay?


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