I Was Wrong. It’s Not Spider-Man #10 That Spoils Civil War II. It’s Guardians Of The Galaxy #15.


A couple of days ago, Bleeding Cool ran the report that a scene in Spider-Man #10 would spoil the ending of Civil War II #8.

We were wrong. The sequence in question which caused a lot of fuss is more of a fantasy. Miles letting his emotions get the better of him and envisioning what he wants.


But not actually happening. Not an actual vision. Not a spoiler.

No, Bendis saves that for today’s Guardians Of The Galaxy as Ben Grimm returns to New York and stops by the “ground zero” of Stark Tower.


Spider-Man #10? That’s not a spoiler. this is a spoiler.

Spider-Man #10 and Guardians Of The Galaxy #15 are both on sale from Marvel Comics today.



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