Exclusive – The Crime & Pulp Heroes Covers And Solicitations From Dynamite For March 2017

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We have an exclusive advanced look at the Hardboiled Crime & Pulp Heroes titles coming from Dynamite Entertainment in March of 2017. These include the third issue of Will Eisner’s The Spirit: The Corpse-Makers series by Francesco Francavilla and the final issue of James Robinson and Tom Feister’s Grand Passion.

CONTROL Trade Paperback
Cover: Ben Oliver Writer: Andy Diggle, Angela Cruickshank Art: Andrea Mutti, Ben Oliver

Detective-Sergeant Kate Burnham isn’t making any friends in the Washington, DC Police Department. That makes her the perfect scapegoat when a routine homicide investigation threatens to blow open a criminal conspiracy reaching to the upper echelons of the DC power elite. Either Kate makes it go away, or they make her go away. Cop or criminal, power is all about control, applied top-down from the penthouse elite to the hustlers on the street. But what happens when the street pushes back…? A political crime thriller from Andy Diggle, Angela Cruickshank, and Andrea Mutti!control-tp-cov2

Cover A: John Cassaday Writer: James Robinson Art: Tom Feister

Before Mac and Mabel can ride off into the sunset, all they have to do is evade the lawmen out to kill them. All accounts will be settled in the conclusion to this bloody love story!grandpassion05-cov-a-cassaday

Cover A: Ken Lashley Cover B: Anthony Marques Writer: David Liss Art: Kewber Baal

The Green Hornet and Kato are trapped in the web of the sinister crime lord Demone! The mystery began with three missing women; but the twisted game has only grown more complex – and deadly – as the pair try to reclaim the city from his Machiavellian machinations! And while the vigilante Swashbuckler seems to want to serve as their stalwart ally against villainy – can they truly trust this new masked man? Or is he just another one of Demone’s puppets? They just might not have any choice, if they want to defeat the nefarious kingpin!greenhornet-rod-04-cov-a-lashley greenhornet-rod-04-cov-b-marques

Cover: Olivier Coipel Writer: Fabrice Sapolsky Art: Fred Pham Chuong
Genre: Kung Fu, Noir

The ultimate fight has just begun! Four Spirits against one! Odds are not in Nei Chang’s favor… But his evil ways, unleashed upon Chinatown, can certainly allow him to win the fight. Meanwhile, Juan Jin has to live with the fact that he killed Luca. He finally decides the path he’ll choose and will fight: The new Spirit of the Earth is now ready to challenge his Metal counterpart to finally restore balance in the universe. Don’t miss the last issue of the first Intertwined story arc! Learn the fates of Long Huo, Lady Xia, Antwan and the Haïtian refugees. After this issue, Chinatown will never be the same!intertwined06-cov-a-coipel

Cover: Dan Panosian Writer: Garth Ennis Art: Craig Cermak

Trudy and Eddie face an unexpected problem, as the real cost of their dangerous choices start to become clear. But even that’s nothing to the explosion of deadly violence that follows, and soon our heroes are up to their necks in trouble of the worst kind. And that’s when Trudy has a very risky idea…redteamdtcm08-cov-a-panosian

Cover: Francesco Francavilla Writer: Francesco Francavilla Art: Francesco Francavilla

Danny Colt’s investigation leads him into a place of fears and horrors where he will learn that not all that is dead is dead. Don’t dare miss this third spine-tingling chapter of Francesco Francavilla’s tale of THE SPIRIT!spiritcorpse03-cov-a-francavilla

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