Tomorrow’s DC Comics Contains An 8 Page Long Foldout Poster for Justice League Vs Suicide Squad

Posted by December 13, 2016 Comment

187689_1039261_10As well as a prelude back-up strip featuring Killer Frost, that leads into Justice League Vs Suicide Squad, I understand that tomorrow’s Suicide Squad #8 comic also features an 8 page-long foldout poster.

In fact, all of DC’s Rebirth superhero line does.

Stuck in the middle of the comic, it shows off the new bad guys that Amanda Waller has to recruit the Justice League to fight alongside the Suicide Squad.

It makes for a lot of fat $2.99 comic books sitting on the shelf tomorrow, so am I told.

Also, I understand that, contrary to what has been teased regarding his return to life, as of tomorrow’s issue of Suicide Squad, Captain Boomerang is definitely, 100% no more…

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