The Goons Of The Galaxy Holiday Special

czeg1rnweaafr2rMarc Jackson writes,

Just in time for the Holiday season Goons Of The Galaxy (‘The War and Peace of stupid space comics’ according to Kevin Mcarthy, writer of Image’s Circuit Breaker) returns in not one, but two comics. First up, the second issue of the series that launched in Volume 23 of Aces Weekly, is now serialising over the course of the usual 7 weeks, each week 3 pages builds to a complete 21 pager, in volume 25. It picks-up where the last left off, as our hero Jerry Jetflash was on the hunt for blue milk for his Uncle Larp’s cereal. Unfortunately things didn’t go to plan, thanks to a run-in with the nefarious bad-guy ‘The mighty Droop’ and a chance meeting with a blue alien in a yellow dress called Kliff Richard! Will they find some blue milk? what is under Kliff Richard’s dress? does anyone care? check out to find out!

Secondly, I’m releasing a Goons Of The Galaxy Holiday Special (It worked for George Lucas) exclusively on Gumroad. It’s a 12 page mini-adventure featuring our heroes, in a space-caper on a snow planet called Frozoh, on a mission to buy ice-cream. What could go wrong? It’s online for just £1/$1 right here. Please be warned, you will see what is under Kliff Richard’s dress. You asked, you got it!!

Plus! My esteemed publisher Mr David Lloyd seemingly can’t get enough of this comic (my words, not his) and has signed me up for a further 2 issues next year, running in volumes 28 and 30, unless the public clamour for them earlier!

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