What If... Snagglepuss Was Tennessee Williams, In A New DC Comic?

What If… Snagglepuss Was Tennessee Williams, In A New DC Comic?

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Earlier in the year, Bleeding Cool reported on all manner of things announced by Marvel, DC, Titan, Dark Horse, IDW and the like at the MCM Comic Con Diamond Retailer Day.

But there was one story, mentioned by DC co-publisher Dan DiDio, that I was asked not to mention, as it was up in the air a bit and not definite.

Well, with the announcement of the DC Comics/Hanna-Barbera crossover annuals for March, it looks like it is now.

Because characters included in the annuals as well as the headline acts include Top Cat written by DC co-publisher Dan DiDio, The Jetsons written by Harley Quinn‘s Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, Ruff and Reddy, written and drawn by Howard Chaykin and Snagglepuss written by Mark Russell with art by Dale Eaglesham.

And it’s the last one that was mentioned in London. Because this is what Snagglepuss normally looks like.

And in the comic?

He’s going to be a Tennessee Williams-like author, a mid-twentieth century playwright writing in the deep south, with all the catchphrases we know and love – heavens to Murgatroyd, exit stage left. But, as far as I understand, human. There are other members of the Hanna-Barbera cast that will take part in the story as his acting troop.

Mark Russell is also known for writing Prez and Flintstones, two firm Bleeding Cool DC Comics favourites of recent years.

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