This Is Not The First Catalyst Prime

This Is Not The First Catalyst Prime

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Lion Forge announced one of the most exciting announcements at New York Comic Con. For me, at least, That Joe Illidge was the launch something called Catalyst Prime next year, which would basically be a new Milestone Comics. Illidge was an intern at that illustrious publisher and while DC Comics are pouring delay upon delay on that with-Reginald-Hudlin-without-Michael-Davies Milestone 2.0, he’s just decided to go ahead and do it at Lion Forge.

The named creators include Illidge, Christopher Priest, Marco Turini, Brandon Thomas, Ken Lashley, Juan Fernandez, Saida Temofonte, David F WalkerDr Sheena Howard, Chuck Collins, Joe Case, Damian Scott, Janice Chang, Joe Casey, Ramón Govea, Larry Stroman, Jefte Palo, Alex De CampiPop Mahn, Amy Chu, Jan Duursema and Desiree Rodriguez. A ridiculous gathering of riches.

Expect their first publication to be for Free Comic Book Day 2017 and to be announced soon.

But some people have worries about the name. It sounds a little old. Well, it is. 2013 to be precise.

That’s when Lion Forge first published Catalyst Prime. Long before Illidge came to Lion Forge.

A series of superhero titles in a shared universe published digitally by creators including Dave Steward II, Joelle Selner, B. Alex Thompson, David Gorden, Lorenzo Lizana, Eddie Nuñez, David Gorden, Bart Alex Thompson and Gerardo Sandoval. It was also meant to spin off into a web video series, The Incidentals.

They no longer seem available and the actual issues seem to have been taken off digital distribution.

But even if the comics are gone, the name seems to be living on…


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