Oliver Queen Gets Into Bed With Donald Trump...

Oliver Queen Gets Into Bed With Donald Trump…

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It’s not like DC Comics’ Green Arrow has never shied away from politics. He has the kind of politics that in most of the world would make him a centrist but in the USA makes him one of the ctrl-left.

24_07And in the most recent issue by Ben Percy and Otto Schmidt has seen him taking down a policeman who was a little overactive with the grabbing hands and the pepper spray…

24_08…by shooting him through the hand, probably damaging nerves and tendons along the way, so he’ll never use his right hand again.


Meanwhile, also in Seattle, a businessman-turned-politician called Nathan Domini is making himself heard. Repeating his words. Appealing to populist fear. In a rather familiar fashion. The speech patterns aren’t exact but the language choice is… well… beautiful, folks, really beautiful.


24_10And disposing of a protestor who criticizes his hypocrisy in making these claims.

24_11And he’s looking for a favour. Basically, firebrand leftwing ex-mayor Oliver Queen wants to get into bed with DC’s Donald Trump equivalent.

Who says this isn’t the golden age of comics again?

Green Arrow #12 was published this week by DC Comics.

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