The Return Of Eddie Brock Already In Venom #150 In May 2017?

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venom-150-spider-man-ver2-216546We’ve just got a brand new Venom in Marvel’s Venom #1.

Comic Book‘s Matthew Mueller has noticed in the Inhumans Vs X-Men calendar recently shipped out to retailers, includes an insert advertised an upcoming Venom #150.

You know what that means. Someone at Marvel has added up all the issues of Venom series that have been published over the years and has worked out with an abacus, some string and a bit of gum that the 150th Venom issue would be in May 2017. And so, for one issue, they will renumber the comic to that figure.

And make it a much bigger issue than usual. And charge $10 for it. You know, like they did with Deadpool #200 or similar.

Matthew says,

The cover has Venom galloping up the side of a building, and he’s carrying a certain web-slinger in his hand. It looks like there are big things coming from this event, as the text states “The biggest Venom story in ten years!”.

I’m not sure if it’s an actual line-wide event like the Captain America mega-event tease we ran earlier, but it might suck in a few other titles, post-Clone Conspiracy while Amazing Spider-Man gets on with the Peter Parker Vs Norman Osborn fight.

And, asking around, I understand that it’s the return of the original Venom, Eddie Brock…




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