But What About That "Iron Fists" Series From Kaare Andrews And Afu Chan?

But What About That “Iron Fists” Series From Kaare Andrews And Afu Chan?

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Earlier today, we told you about the new Iron Fist series from Ed Brisson and Mike Perkins that will be coming out in March alongside the Netflix Iron Fist series.


The details and creative team were revealed in an EXXXCLUSIVE interview on The Hollywood Reporter, but of course, I’m contractually obligated to inform you that you heard about the series first at Bleeding Cool. Pip pip.

But what about another Iron Fist series you heard about first at Bleeding Cool? Pip pip? Specifically, an Iron Fists series from Kaare Andrews and Afu Chan, starring a six-year-old East Asian girl with a dragon as Danny Rand’s partner?


Kaare Andrews has the answer on Twitter:


And again…


And again…


And again and again and again…




And a few more times…




And again, with additional comments:



So, in case you haven’t heard, Kaare Andrews and Afu Chan’s Iron Fists is still coming out, later in 2017.

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