Speedsters As Far As The Eye Can See - The Flash Mid-Season Finale

Speedsters As Far As The Eye Can See – The Flash Mid-Season Finale

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This article contains spoilers for the Flash episode – The Present






There seems to be a movement among the DC / CW television series to speed things up. I don’t mean like having the Flash running through every series. I mean a lot more seems to be happening in episodes and reveals are happening sooner than expected.

Last night we got a whole bucket full of things going on. Barry Allen’s first trip to Earth-3 and seeing that world’s Trickster (Who was very Joker-like). Wally West training with H.R. Figuring out who Doctor Alchemy is. Getting a glimpse of the future. All in time for the mid-season break.

We start with Barry popping over to Earth-3 to have a chat with Jay Garrick about Savitar. Jay comes back with Barry and tells him about the legends. How Savitar only appears to speedsters that he feesl are a threat to being faster. Jay’s never seen him. Meanwhile Cisco Ramon finds a stone that acts a lot like the one Doctor Alchemy uses. There’s a paper about it written by J. Albert Desmond… Julian Albert. Barry goes to him and asks about the stone. Julian tells him about the expedition to find it but says they never did.

Doctor Alchemy appears and starts trying to empower that last the the Flashpoint metas all at once. Both Flashes race to the scene and Savitar appears. Jay can see him, and takes him on while Barry stops Alchemy. Jay is getting beaten badly until Barry closes the little sarcophagus the Philosopher’s Stone is in. When it shuts, Savitar disappears. Barry removes Alchemy’s mask to reveal Julian.

Barry tosses Julian into the pipeline while Cisco examines the sarcophagus. It basically doesn’t exist except it does. When he’s alone with it, Cisco starts seeing his brother Dante who convinces him the stone could bring him back. He opens it and Savitar reappears. Barry tries to take him on, but with similar results to before. Wally West speeds in to help with equal effectiveness. But Caitlin Snow is able to talk Cisco into closing the sarcophagus and Savitar goes away again. Barry figures out that Julian, who insists he is not Alchemy, is in fact not Alchemy.

Savitar finds someone he can manipulate to do his bidding… that is Alchemy. He’s just currently using Savitar. Barry tries to win Julian’s trust by revealing he’s the Flash. Then the hook Julian up to the box so Savitar can communicate without coming out. The God of Speed is looking for revenge against something Barry does to him in the future. He’s very angry. He tells the team that one will betray them, one will die and one will feel a pain worse than death… or something like that.

Jay suggests getting rid of the sarcophagus but tossing it into the Speed Force, using their combined speed. It works, but it throws Barry five months into the future where he sees Savitar kill Iris West in front of him. Before he can do anything, Jay grabs Barry and pulls him back to the present.

Now Barry has a whole new thing to worry about that might happen in five months… which will be May, when we have the season finale. H.R. convinces Joe West he’s going to have to become supportive of Wally’s desire to be a hero, so he gets a Kid Flash suit for Christmas. Caitlin, without even mentioning having kidnapped him, invites Julian to the West House for Christmas. He declines at first but shows up handing Barry back his CCPD I.D. and inviting him back to the lab. And the episode ends with Barry and Iris moving in together.

Besides the glimpse of the future, the whole idea of throwing Savitar into the Speed Force seems too easy. So no surprise he’ll be back. So when the season returns we know Jay Garrick will be around more, Wally West will be suiting up and Barry will be stressing the future. And we’ll have to find out more about H.R. and Earth-19.

The Flash will return on January 24th, 2017.

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